Terms and Conditions

Third Unicorn Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Crickpe”, “we”, “our”, “us”) operates the website crickpe.com (“Crickpe Website”) and mobile application (“Crickpe App”) (hereinafter the Crickpe Website and Crickpe App are together referred to as “Crickpe Platform”). We through the Crickpe Platform offer online skill based fantasy cricket games (“Contests”) and an opportunity to offer cash rewards to real-life cricketers for good performance in a real-life cricket series or tournament (each a “Cricket Match”) (“Services”) to you, the user, (“User” or “you”) subject to compliance with these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms & Conditions”). By accessing and/or using the Crickpe Platform, you accept and agree to be legally bound by these Terms & Conditions, as it may be amended or supplemented from time to time, and agree to all operating rules, terms, conditions, policies, and procedures that may be published on Crickpe Platform or in connection with the Services. All such rules, terms, conditions, policies, and procedures are incorporated into these Terms & Conditions by reference.

Services being provided on Crickpe Platform may be subject to additional rules and regulations set down in that respect (“Crickpe Platform Policies”). To the extent that these Terms & Conditions are inconsistent with Crickpe Platform Policies laid down, the Crickpe Platform Policies shall prevail.

1. Modification of Terms & Conditions

We may change, add or remove portions of these Terms & Conditions at any time, and if we do so, we will post such changes on Crickpe Platform or post notifications in your account and the changes will become immediately effective, and your continued use of Crickpe Platform will indicate your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions as it is then in effect. Accordingly, you should visit Crickpe Platform from time to time to review the then-current and effective terms and conditions because they are legally binding on you.

2. Eligibility

2.1 A User may use the Crickpe Platform if it is a natural person currently residing in India

2.2 Any User who is “incompetent to contract” within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors, un-discharged insolvents etc. is not eligible to access the Crickpe Platform and use the Services.

2.3 The Crickpe Platform should not be used, installed, or played by any person under the age of 18 (eighteen) years.

2.4 Services on the Crickpe Platform are open only to Users currently residing in India. Users residing in the state of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana (“Restricted States”) are prohibited from participating in any Contests on the Crickpe Platform.

3. User Registration

3.1 If you wish to become a registered User of our Crickpe Platform, you will need to apply for a User account. The Users are permitted to open only one account. Crickpe reserves the right to close any duplicate accounts. All money held in duplicate account(s) will be forfeited. To apply for an account, you must complete all the details following the instructions on the Crickpe Platform. When registering on the Crickpe Platform, you are required to verify your mobile number for playing any of the Contests offered on our Platform. This is to safeguard against fraud of any form on the Crickpe Platform. All your information is kept confidential and processed as per our Privacy Policy

3.2 Upon grant of the account by us, your account will be created, and you will be able to use the Crickpe Platform and play the Contest(s). We may refuse to grant an application for an account made by any person without giving a reason for such refusal. You continuously represent and warrant to us that only you are accessing your account and no one else. You are not authorised to enter Contests on the Crickpe Platform or otherwise until your account is registered and approved by us.

3.3 When you register with us, you agree to receive promotional messages from us, and our affiliates, through SMS, Whatsapp, email, call and push notifications, in relation to Contests, offers, and discounts (of various types and nomenclature e.g. bonus/cashback). You may withdraw your consent to receive such notification by sending an email to contact@crickpe.com.

3.4 Internet connectivity issues at your end, disruptions due to your local internet environment, errors in the setup of software or hardware on your end, or other factors not directly attributable to us, are beyond our control, and accordingly, we will not incur any liability for any halts, breaks, or interruptions in your usage of our Services on account of such issues.

3.5 All monetary or non-monetary prizes, winnings are unique to each User and are non-transferable. In the event You attempt to transfer any winnings, discounts, or prizes, these will be forfeited at our sole discretion

4. Our Rights

We may, at our sole and absolute discretion: (i) restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to all or any part of Crickpe Platform or Services; (ii) change, suspend, or discontinue all or any part of the Services; (iii) reject, move, or remove any material that may be submitted by you; (iv) move or remove any Content that is available on Crickpe Platform; (v) deactivate or delete your account and all related information and files on the account; (vi) establish general practices and limits concerning use of Crickpe Platform; (vii) offer cashbacks to you in form we deem fit; (viii) revise or make additions and/or deletions to the roster of players available for selection in a Contest on account of revisions to the roster of players involved in the relevant Cricket Match; and (ix) assign our rights and liabilities hereunder to any entity.

5. Intellectual Property

5.1 Unless otherwise set out herein, content comprised within the Services, including text, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, marks, illustrations, photographs, trademarks, logos, videos, audio, images, flash animations, applications, advertisements, programs, computer code and other information (collectively, the “Content”), including but not limited to the design, layout, “look and feel” and arrangement of such Content, is owned by Crickpe, its licensors or its content providers and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property and unfair competition laws.

5.2 IIn the event you wish to use any Content available on Crickpe, you may request Crickpe by writing to contact@crickpe.com. You will be solely responsible for all materials (whether publicly posted or privately transmitted) that you upload, post, e-mail, transmit, or otherwise make available on Crickpe Platform (“Users’ Content”). You represent and warrant that you own all intellectual property rights in the User's Content and that no part of the User's Content infringes any third party rights. You further confirm and undertake to not display or use of the names, logos, marks, labels, trademarks, copyrights or intellectual and proprietary rights of any third party on Crickpe. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Crickpe, its directors, employees, affiliates and assigns against all costs, damages, loss and harm including towards litigation costs and counsel fees, in respect of any third party claims that may be initiated including for infringement of intellectual property rights arising out of such display or use of the names, logos, marks, labels, trademarks, copyrights or intellectual and proprietary rights on Crickpe, by you or through your commissions or omissions.

5.3 You hereby grant to Crickpe and its affiliates, partners, licensors and associates a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, create derivative works of, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, transfer, transmit, and/or publish Users’ Content for any of the following purposes: (i) displaying Users’ Content on Crickpe; (ii) distributing Users’ Content, either electronically or via other media, and/or (iii) storing Users’ Content in a remote database accessible by end users, for a charge.

5.4 This license shall apply to the distribution and the storage of Users’ Content in any form, medium, or technology

6. Crickpe Contests

6.1 The Crickpe Platform offers fantasy cricket game. If you wish to participate in such Contest, contestants (“Contestants”) are invited to create their own fantasy teams (“Team/s”) to the maximum of 10 (ten) Teams consisting of real life cricketers participating in a Cricket Match to which the fantasy game relates. Crickpe offers its platform to Contestants for fantasy game Contest(s) being created relating to each Cricket Match, and Contestants can participate in such Contest(s) with their Teams. Depending upon the circumstances of each Cricket Match, the Contestants can edit their Teams till the official match start time as declared by the officials of the Cricket Match or adjusted deadline, as specified below.

6.2 Crickpe reserves the right to abandon a specific round or adjust the deadline of a round in certain specific, uncertain scenarios, which are beyond Crickpe’s reasonable control

7. Types of Contests

7.1 As part of our Services, we are offering 2 (two) types of Contests: (i) public Contests, where any User may become a Contestant and matching of contestants is done by the Crickpe Platform based on algorithm or its discretion; (ii) Private Contests, where you can invite your friends, batchmates and colleagues to participate in the Contests

7.2 A User can enter into a maximum of 10 Contests (including both public Contests and Private Contests) per Cricket Match. Any participation in a Contest more than 10 shall be automatically prohibited. All terms and conditions applicable to Contest(s) as set out herein shall be applicable to both types of the Contest(s). Users by participating in a Contest(s) hereby authorize Crickpe to appoint a third party/ Trustee/Escrow Agent to manage Users funds on Users behalf.

The User creating a virtual private room shall provide Crickpe with the contact details, email address, mobile number or social media ID of Guests to enable Crickpe to send a message or email inviting such Guest to register with Crickpe (if necessary) and participate in the Private Contest in relation to which the invite has been issued.

It is clarified that the participation of a Guest in any Private Contest is subject to the pre- determined number of Contestants for that Private Contest, and Crickpe shall not be liable to any person for the inability of any Guest to participate in any Private Contest due to any cause whatsoever, including without limitation due to a hardware or technical malfunction or lack of eligibility of such Guest to participate in the Contest(s). Further, the participation of a Guest in any Private Contest shall be subject to these Terms & Conditions.

7.3 You agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Contests (Public and Private Contests) on the Crickpe Platform (“Match Rules”). You are required to ensure that you have read and understood the Match Rules before playing them. The Match Rules form part of the Crickpe Platform Policies and can be found on the ‘Match rules/how to play’ page of our Platform.

8. Casbhack Rewards

8.1 Cashback, along with rewards such as referral bonus, KYC bonus, and joining bonus, earned prior to September 30th, 2023 will expire on November 30th, 2023.

9. Payment Terms

9.1 Once a User registers with Crickpe, we maintain a Crickpe account/wallet for the User to keep a record of all transactions with us. Payments connected with participation in Contests have to be made through a User’s Crickpe account/wallet. All deposit, winnings, discounts, cashbacks in relation to a User are credited in the Crickpe account/wallet. The underlying bank accounts are escrow accounts operated by a third party/ Trustee/ Escrow Agent appointed by Crickpe in accordance with Clause 7.2 of these Terms & Conditions. From these bank accounts, the payouts can be made to (i) Users (towards their withdrawals), (ii) real life cricketers basis the fantasy points earned by them on the Crickpe Platform on the basis of actual score in the Cricket Match or discretionary cash reward to cricketers by the Users, (iii) Crickpe (towards its platform fee including GST) and to (iv) Government (towards TDS on winnings amount and payment to real life cricketers). Crickpe receives only its share of the platform fees through the said third party/ Trustee/ Escrow Agent.

9.2 In the event the payout for the real life cricketer held in a separate bank account (“Cricketer pay out”) is not claimed for 90 (ninety) days or refused to be claimed by the cricketer, then Crickpe at its own discretion, may use the Cricketer pay out for giving cash backs to User(s), or give it to the winner of the relevant Contest, or utilize the Cricketer pay out in any manner it deems fit including treating it as its income.

9.3 To participate in a paid Contest, the Contestants will need to pay a pre-determined buy-in fee to participate. The buy-in fee shall become part of the prize money pot created for a Contest.

9.4 Crickpe shall charge a fixed platform fee of 10% (ten percent) of the total funds received for any Contest, whether public or private. However, Crickpe has the right to change the platform fee which would be specified and notified on Crickpe Platform to a User prior to him joining a Contest.

9.5 The buy-in that a User pays to participate in a Contest is passed on to the winner(s) of the Contest after the completion of the Contest as per the terms and conditions of such Contest. It is clarified that Crickpe has no right or interest in this prize money pot, and only acts as an intermediary engaged in collecting and distributing the prize money pot in accordance with the Contest terms and conditions.

9.6 All transactions that a User makes with Crickpe are required to be in Indian Rupees (INR) through a UPI (unified payment interface) enabled bank account that belongs to the User.

9.7 The User will be free to deposit as much money as he/she wants to deposit for the purpose of participating in Contests subject to the monthly cash limit set by us with undertakings, indemnity, waiver, and verification conditions as we deem appropriate in our sole discretion. We will notify the User of any changes in add cash limits on the platform.

9.8 To clarify the deposits made by a User in the Crickpe account/wallet are purely for the purpose of enabling the User’s participation in the Contest or giving as cash reward to cricketers, and do not carry or generate any interest or return.

9.9 The User is not permitted to transfer amount from their Crickpe account to the Crickpe account of another registered user except as may be permitted by Crickpe

9.10 The User hereby represents and warrants that the payment instrument/mode used to make the payment on the Crickpe Platform or add cash into their Crickpe Account belongs to the User.

9.11 A User may withdraw all or part of the balance in the Crickpe account to a designated bank account by means of an electronic bank to bank transfer. At the time of initiating a withdrawal request, the User will be required to provide KYC documents, PAN details and the details of the bank account to which the funds are to be credited.

9.12 A withdrawal request will be accepted by Crickpe subject to alignment with the restrictions, and/or security reviews undertaken by automated systems and our risk management team. The User agrees that all withdrawals are governed by the following conditions

9.13 Discounts/ cashback are not directly withdrawable and are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to their grant.

9.14 We will attempt to process a withdrawal request in a timely manner, but there could be delays due to the time required for the KYC verification and completing the withdrawal transaction. We shall not be liable to pay any form of compensation/interest to the User for the reason of such delays in processing withdrawal requests and remitting payments.

9.15 Tax/levies/duty etc., as applicable on prizes (in cash or otherwise), shall be shall be borne by the User. With effect from 01 April 2023, in compliance with updates in applicable law, TDS of 30% shall be deducted at the time of withdrawal on positive “net winnings” in a given financial year OR if there have been no withdrawals, as per closing balance at the end of the financial year. Financial year shall be calculated from 01 April to 31 March. Net winnings shall be calculated as follows:

Net winnings = [Cumulative withdrawals in the FY (Cumulative deposits in the ongoing FY + Net winnings which have already been subjected to TDS during the ongoing financial year + Opening deposit balance as of 1st April 00:00)]

Net winnings shall also be adjusted to account for the following amounts: winning balance for the previous financial year (on which TDS is already deducted).

9.16 In the event, a user does not withdraw any of his winnings during a financial year and has Net Winning balance as at 31 March of each year, then TDS of 30% shall be deducted on such Net Winnings balance from the user’s Winning Account as on 31 March. In case of any revisions by the GOI to the aforementioned rate or the definition of Net Winnings in the future, TDS will be deducted by Crickpe in accordance with the then current prescribed TDS rate and the revised definition of Net Winnings. Winners will be provided TDS certificates in respect of such tax deductions. The Winners shall be responsible for payment of any other applicable taxes, including but not limited to, income tax, gift tax, etc. in respect of the Net Winnings. Crickpe shall not in any manner be responsible for users individual tax matters.

9.17 Any match which is abandoned or has no match result, all the fantasy contests for that match are also abandoned and the entry amount is refunded.

10. KYC verification

10.1 Crickpe may require Users to undergo an additional online document verification (“e-KYC”) in the following scenarios

10.2 As part of our e-KYC process, our automated system enables a mandatory process for Users to upload documents pertaining to their Permanent Account Number (PAN), AADHAR and bank account details.

10.3 The e-KYC documents must be uploaded on Crickpe Platform, and we do not accept submissions in any other form or manner.

10.4 At the time of uploading the document on Crickpe Platform, you must ensure the following:

10.5 The validation of e-KYC documents may take up to 30 (thirty) days from the time of submission of the documents. We reserve the right to validate the e-KYC document at our sole discretion. You will be notified of the status of verification on your registered mobile number/email address and on Crickpe Platform.

11. Restrictions on using the Crickpe Platform

11.1 In accessing or using Crickpe Platform, you agree that you will abide by these Terms & Conditions and the Crickpe Platform Policies. In the event User does not abide by these Terms & Conditions and the Crickpe Platform Policies, Crickpe may, at its sole and absolute discretion, take necessary remedial action, including but not limited to:

11.2 The User agrees to not:

11.3 If a User chooses a username that, in Crickpe’s considered opinion is obscene, indecent, abusive or that might subject Crickpe to public disparagement or scorn, or a name which is an official team/league/franchise names and/or name of any sporting personality, as the case may be, Crickpe reserves the right, without prior notice to the User, to restrict usage of such names, which in Crickpe’s opinion fall within any of the said categories and/or change such username and intimate the User or delete such username and posts from Crickpe Platform, deny such User access to Crickpe Platform, or any combination of these options.

11.4 Unauthorized access to Crickpe Platform is a breach of these Terms & Conditions, and a violation of the law. Users agree not to access Crickpe Platform by any means other than through the interface that is provided by Crickpe for use in accessing Crickpe Platform. Users agree not to use any automated means, including, without limitation, agents, robots, scripts, or spiders, to access, monitor, or copy any part of our sites, except those automated means that we have approved in advance and in writing.

11.5 Use of Crickpe Platform is subject to existing laws and legal processes. Nothing contained in these Terms & Conditions shall limit Crickpe’s right to comply with governmental, court, and law- enforcement requests or requirements relating to Users' use of Crickpe Platform.

11.6 Users may reach out to Crickpe through contact@crickpe.com if the User has any concerns with regard to a Cricket Match and/or Contest within 48 (Forty Eight) hours of winner declaration for the concerned Contest.

12. Representations and warranties

12.1 The Users represent and warrant that:

13. Conditions of participation

13.1 Subject to the terms and conditions stipulated herein below, Crickpe, at its sole discretion, may disqualify any User from a Contest, refuse to award benefits or prizes and require the return of any prizes, if the User engages in unfair conduct, which Crickpe deems to be improper, unfair or otherwise adverse to the operation of the Contest or is in any way detrimental to other Users which includes, but is not limited to:

13.2 It is clarified that in case a User is found to be in violation of these Terms & Conditions and Crickpe Platform Policies, Crickpe reserves its right to initiate appropriate Civil/Criminal remedies as it may be advised other than forfeiture and/or recovery of prize money if any.

14. Game of Skill

14.1 The Supreme Court of India in the cases of State of Andhra Pradesh v. K Satyanarayana (AIR 1968 SC 825) and KR Lakshmanan v. State of Tamil Nadu (AIR 1996 SC 1153) has held that a game in which success depends predominantly upon the superior knowledge, judgment and attention, training and experience of the player shall be classified as a game of skill.

14.2 The Contest described above is game of skill as success of Contestants depends primarily on their superior knowledge of the games of cricket, players’ performance in a particular series, tournament, attention and dedication towards the Contest and skill in playing the Contest.

14.3 By participating in this Contest, each Contestant acknowledges and agrees that he/she is participating in a game of skill.

15. Third Party Sites

15.1 Crickpe Platform may contain links to other Internet sites owned and operated by third parties (“Third Party Sites”). Users’ use of each of those sites is subject to the conditions, if any, posted by the Third Party Sites. Crickpe does not exercise control over any Third Party Sites and cannot be held responsible for any content residing in any Third Party Sites. Crickpe’s inclusion of third- party content or links to Third Party Sites is not an endorsement by Crickpe of such Third Party Sites.

15.2 Users’ correspondence, transactions/offers or related activities with third parties, including payment providers, verification service providers and entity tabulating fantasy points are solely between the User and that third party. Users' correspondence, transactions and usage of the services/offers of such third party shall be subject to the terms and conditions, policies and other service terms adopted/implemented by such third party, and the User shall be solely responsible for reviewing the same prior to transacting or availing of the services/offers of such third party. User agrees that Crickpe will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as a result of any such transactions/offers with third parties. Any questions, complaints, or claims related to any third party product or service should be directed to the appropriate vendor.

15.3 Crickpe Platform contains content that is created by Crickpe as well as content provided by third parties. Crickpe does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, quality of the content provided by third parties and such content may not relied upon by the Users in utilizing the Services provided on Crickpe Platform including while participating in any of the contests hosted on Crickpe Platform.

16. Privacy Policy

All information collected from Users, such as registration and credit card information, is subject to Crickpe Platform's Privacy Policy which is available at Privacy Policy.

17. Selection of winners

17.1 Winners will be decided on the basis of the scores of the Teams in a designated match of the Contest. The Contestant owning the Team with the highest aggregate score in a particular match shall be declared the winner. The contemplated number of winners and the prize due to each winner in such Contest shall be as specified on the Contest page prior to the commencement of the Contest.

17.2 The winners shall contacted by Crickpe through the Crickpe app / on the e-mail address provided at the time of registration / on the registered mobile number. A winner will be required to provide: (i) photocopy of the User's PAN card; (ii) photocopy of AADHAR / UIDAI - OTP based authentication of the same ; and (iii) User’s bank account details and proof of the same. Crickpe shall not permit a winner to withdraw his/her prize(s)/accumulated winnings unless the above- mentioned documents have been received and verified within the time-period stipulated by Crickpe. The User represents and warrants that the documents provided in the course of the verification process are true copies of the original documents to which they relate.

17.3 Contestants are required to provide proper and complete details at the time of registration. Crickpe shall not be responsible for communications errors, commissions or omissions including those of the Contestants due to which the results may not be communicated to the winner.

17.4 In case of a tie, the actual prizes will be different. If the contest slots are not filled, the prize amount and number of positions will be adjusted accordingly.

18. Fantasy Points

Crickpe obtains the score feed and other information required for the computation and tabulation of fantasy points from a third party service provider(s). In the rare event that any error in the computation or tabulation of fantasy points, selection of winners, abandonment of a match etc., as a result of inaccuracies in or incompleteness of the feed provided by the third party service provider and/or official website of the match organiser comes to its attention, Crickpe shall use best efforts to rectify such error prior to the distribution of prizes. However, Crickpe hereby clarifies that it relies on the accuracy and completeness of such third party score/statistic feeds and does not itself warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy thereof and, in any event, shall take no responsibility for inaccuracies in computation and tabulation of fantasy points or the selection of winners as a result of any inaccurate or incomplete scores/statistics received from such third party service provider. Users and Contestants agree not to make any claim or raise any complaint against Crickpe in this respect.

19. Limitation of liability and release

19.1 Users shall access the Services provided on Crickpe Platform voluntarily and at their own risk. Crickpe shall, under no circumstances be held responsible or liable on account of any loss or damage sustained (including but not limited to any accident, injury, death, loss of property) by Users or any other person or entity during the course of access to the Services (including participation in the Contest(s)) or as a result of acceptance of any prize.

19.2 By entering the Contests and accessing the Services provided therein, Users hereby release from and agree to indemnify Crickpe, and/ or any of its directors, employees, partners, associates and licensors, from and against all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out their access to the Services including (but not limited to) personal injury and damage to property and whether direct, indirect, consequential, foreseeable, due to some negligent act or omission on their part, or otherwise.
Crickpe accepts no liability, whether jointly or severally, for any errors or omissions, whether on behalf of itself or third parties in relation to the prizes.

19.3 Users shall be solely responsible for any consequences which may arise due to their access of the Services by conducting an illegal act or due to non-conformity with these Terms & Conditions and other rules and regulations in relation to the Services, including provision of incorrect address or other personal details. Users also undertake to indemnify Crickpe and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents on the happening of such an event (including without limitation cost of attorney, legal charges etc.) on full indemnity basis for any loss/damage suffered by Crickpe on account of such act on the part of the Users

19.4 Users shall indemnify, defend, and hold Crickpe harmless from any third party/entity/organization claims arising from or related to such User's engagement with Crickpe or participation in any Contest. In no event shall Crickpe be liable to any User for acts or omissions arising out of or related to User's engagement with Crickpe or his/her participation in any Contest(s).

19.5 In consideration of Crickpe Platform allowing Users to access the Services, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the Users waive and release each and every right or claim, all actions, causes of actions (present or future) each of them has or may have against Crickpe, its respective agents, directors, officers, business associates, group companies, sponsors, employees, or representatives for all and any injuries, accidents, or mishaps (whether known or unknown) or (whether anticipated or unanticipated) arising out of the provision of the Services or related to the Contests or the prizes of the Contests.

20. Publicity

20.1 Acceptance of a prize by the winner or giving Cash Rewards to cricketers through Crickpe Platform constitutes permission for Crickpe, and its affiliates to use the winner/ User's name, likeness, voice and comments for advertising and promotional purposes in any media worldwide for purposes of advertising and trade without any further permissions or consents and / or additional compensation whatsoever.

20.2 The winners/ Users (giving Cash Rewards to cricketers) further undertake that they will be available for promotional purposes as planned and desired by Crickpe without any charge. The exact dates remain the sole discretion of Crickpe. Promotional activities may include but not be limited to press events, internal meetings and ceremonies/functions.

21. Grievance Redressal Mechanism

In case you have any complaints or grievance pertaining to (i) any User Content that you believe violates these Terms & Conditions (ii) your access to the Crickpe Platform or (iii) any User Content which you believe is, prima facie, in the nature of any material which is obscene, defamatory towards the complainant or any person on whose behalf you are making the complaint, or is in the nature of impersonation in an electronic form, including artificially morphed images of such individual, please share the same with us by writing to: contact@crickpe.com

The name and title of the Grievance Redressal Officer is as follows:

Name: Abhay Kumar
Email: contact@crickpe.com
Address: Third Unicorn Private Limited
489/55/4, 2nd Floor,
Khasra No. 489/55, Village Sheikh Sarai,
Malviya Nagar, New Delhi - 110017

The Grievance Officer identified above pursuant to the provisions of applicable laws including but not limited to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, and the Rules enacted under those laws.
Crickpe reserves the right to replace the Grievance Redressal Officer at its discretion through publication of the name and title of such replacement on the website, which replacement shall come into effect immediately upon publication.

22. Dispute Resolution

22.1 The Crickpe Platform Policies are governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of India.

22.2 Subject to Clause 22.3, any dispute, controversy, or claim against the us or arising out of the Terms & Conditions and Crickpe Platform Policies shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi.

22.3 In the event of any legal dispute arising in relation to any aspect of the Terms & Conditions and Crickpe Platform Policies, or the use of the Services by you, you must provide written notification to us of the dispute and relevant details. We shall attempt to resolve the dispute through discussions with you, and where such resolution fails to be concluded within 30 (thirty) days, the dispute may be referred to arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted by a sole arbitrator to be appointed by Crickpe. The place of arbitration shall be New Delhi, and the arbitration proceedings shall be conducted, in English, in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The award arising from such arbitration proceedings will be final and binding on the parties, and each party will bear its own costs of arbitration and equally share the fees of the arbitrator unless the arbitral tribunal decides otherwise.

22.4 Notwithstanding anything in Clause 22.3, Crickpe shall be entitled to seek and obtain from a court of competent jurisdiction, an interim or permanent equitable or injunctive relief, or any other relief available under applicable law, to safeguard its interest, at any time during the pendency of a dispute with you or any other person, and such pursuit of relief shall not constitute a waiver of the arbitration process mandated herein.

23. Force Majeure

If Crickpe is delayed or prevented from providing Services under this Agreement by any cause beyond its reasonable control for the time and to the extent such failure or delay is caused by riot, civil commotion, wars, hostilities between nations, amendments in existing laws or passing of new laws, governmental and regulatory body orders or regulations, actions by governments or any agency thereof, an act of God, storms, fires, earthquakes, accidents, strikes, sabotages, explosions, declaration of any epidemic and/ or pandemic disease by central or state government authorities affecting the Services, other similar or different contingencies beyond the reasonable control of Crickpe, then Crickpe shall return the buy-in/ Cash Reward collected from the Contestants to their respective Crickpe account/ wallet without any deductions.

24. Disclaimers

24.1 To the extent permitted under law, neither Crickpe nor its directors, officers, professional advisors, employees shall be responsible for the deletion, the failure to store, the mis-delivery, or the untimely delivery of any information or material.

24.2 To the extent permitted under law, Crickpe shall not be responsible for any harm resulting from downloading or accessing any information or material, the quality of servers, games, products, Services, cancellation of competition and prizes. Crickpe disclaims any responsibility for, and if a User pays for access to one of the Services the User will not be entitled to a refund as a result of, any inaccessibility that is caused by Crickpe’s maintenance on the servers or the technology that underlies our sites, failures of Crickpe’s service providers (including telecommunications, hosting, and power providers), computer viruses, natural disasters or other destruction or damage of our facilities, acts of nature, war, civil disturbance, or any other cause beyond our reasonable control. In addition, Crickpe does not provide any warranty as to the content on the Crickpe Platform. Crickpe Platform content is distributed on an “as is, as available” basis.

24.3 Any material accessed, downloaded or otherwise obtained through Crickpe Platform is done at the User's discretion, competence, acceptance and risk, and the User will be solely responsible for any potential damage to User's computer system or loss of data that results from a User's download of any such material.

24.4 Crickpe shall make best endeavours to ensure that Crickpe Platform is error-free and secure, however, neither Crickpe nor any of its partners, licensors or associates makes any warranty that:

24.5 In case Crickpe discovers any error, including any error in the determination of winners or in the transfer of amounts to a User's account, Crickpe reserves the right (exercisable at its discretion) to rectify the error in such manner as it deems fit, including through a set-off of the erroneous payment from amounts due to the User or deduction from the User's account of the amount of erroneous payment. In case of exercise of remedies in accordance with this clause, Crickpe agrees to notify the User of the error and of the exercise of the remedy(ies) to rectify the same.

24.6 To the extent permitted under law, neither Crickpe nor its partners, licensors or associates shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of the use of or inability to use our sites, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

24.7 Any Services, events or Contest(s) being hosted or provided, or intended to be hosted on Crickpe Platform and requiring specific permission or authority from any statutory authority or any state or the central government, or the board of directors shall be deemed cancelled or terminated, if suchpermission or authority is either not obtained or denied either before or after the availability of the relevant the Services, events or Contest(s) are hosted or provided.

24.8 To the extent permitted under law, in the event of suspension or closure of any Services, events or Contests, Users (including Contestants) shall not be entitled to make any demands, claims, on any nature whatsoever.

Deposit Leaderboard - terms and conditions

1. Eligibility

The Depositor Leaderboard contest is open to all eligible depositors who have made minimum deposit of 1 Lakh within the defined contest period.

2. Contest Period

The contest will run from 29th August 2023 till 17th September 2023, during which eligible deposits will be considered for the leaderboard ranking.

3. Ranking Criteria

Participants will be ranked on the leaderboard based on the total deposit amount made within the defined contest period. The participant with the highest total deposit amount will be ranked first, and subsequent ranks will be determined accordingly. Top 10 users with the maximum deposited amount will be rewarded with the prizes.

4. Merchandise Prize

The merchandise prize will be awarded to the participant who reaches the deposit milestone first. In case of tie for a merchandise prize, the participant who achieved the milestone earliest during the contest period will be declared the winner.

5. Prize Distribution

The prizes, if applicable, will be awarded to the winners after the contest period ends. The winners will be notified through their registered email addresses or contact details with which they will do KYC registration on our application.

6. Verification of Deposits

All deposits will be subject to verification to ensure compliances with the contest rules. Any suspicious or fraudulent activity may lead to disqualification from the contest.